Spenmo Streamlines Onboarding with Singpass MyInfo Business Integration

Companies can easily create a new Spenmo account by syncing data from their Singpass MyInfo Business account for a secure and paperless onboarding process.

[Singapore, 8 Aug 2023] - Spenmo, a leading spend management software, is pleased to announce its integration with Singpass MyInfo Business, a trusted digital identity platform. It aims to simplify the onboarding process, enabling users to access Spenmo's spend management platform quickly and easily.

This integration with MyInfo Business allows users to authenticate their identity and securely share information with Spenmo. 

Key Benefits of the integration include:

  1. Swift Onboarding: New users can immediately begin using the Spenmo platform to efficiently manage expenses and workflow upon completing the expedited onboarding process.
  2. Enhanced Security and Trust: Singpass MyInfo ensures the highest level of security and confidentiality for personal data.
  3. Elimination of Physical Documentation and Manual Data Entry: Physical document submission is no longer necessary, streamlining the onboarding experience.

"Our integration with Singpass MyInfo reflects our commitment to providing a convenient and secure onboarding experience for our users," said Jo-Ann Chung, Acting CEO at Spenmo. "We believe this integration will simplify the onboarding process and enhance the overall user experience."

Visit spenmo.com for more information about its spend management platform or speak to a company representative. For media inquiries, email pr@spenmo.com.


About Spenmo:

Spenmo is a leading digital spend management platform that simplifies business expenses and enhances financial control.

About Singpass MyInfo:

Singpass MyInfo is a trusted digital identity platform designed by the Singapore government. It empowers individuals to securely manage and share personal information for simplified online transactions.

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