Manage your company spending efficiently

Company cards, local & overseas invoice payment, approval-based spending and accounting automation

0% fees for local and foreign payments


Trusted and loved by our customers and partners

Manage every dollar from start to end

Add your team & set rules

Give every expense an owner with a spend request and approval process

Pay vendors & subscriptions

Make all types of payments your business needs via our cards or invoice payment feature directly to your vendors’ bank accounts

Real-time spend reporting

View spend by department, employee, team, or vendor in real-time. See company spend as it happens.


Unlimited virtual and physical cards

Issue physical cards and virtual cards to handle all offline and online business spend 0% FX markup when you use our cards

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Seamless invoice payments

Drop your invoices to us, we initiate bank transfers, and reconcile with your accounting software

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Spenmo integrates with your accounting software

Get Credit Access

Access various credit products

From revolving credit to term loans to invoice financing, we have them all

Match with the best lenders

We connect you to lenders who want you most, when you need them most

Get loan in your account

Credit directly disbursed into your Spenmo account for use

There’s no better way to get your finances together than Spenmo

See what they say about Spenmo

Jeff Lim
"Of all the financial tools we have used, Spenmo quickly became the one I liked most because it just worked. The UI is clean and intuitive, and we got set up within minutes"
Jeff Lim
Jeff Lim
William Chong
"Spenmo offers great visibility to the spending of each team members especially when remote working becomes more prevalent"
William Chong
William Chong
Finance Lead

Manage your company spending efficiently

It’s easy to get started

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Company cards, local & overseas invoice payment, approval-based spending and accounting automation

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