Starter Guide to Online Advertising in Singapore

Knowing how online advertising in Singapore works is helpful to business growth. Spenmo provides virtual cards to help you manage your marketing spends.

Your banner advertising company, otherwise known as a digital marketing or online advertising agency, can work with a business entity, government organisation, non-profit, corporation, and other companies. They can manage, produce, and outline marketing solutions on different platforms. You can hire them to create a single message or run a series of digital marketing campaigns. You can also rely on them to monitor the results.

While looking for digital media advertising in Singapore, you should determine which agency is right for you regarding its reputation and what it can provide.


Virtual Card for SaaS and Paid Marketing Spend. Try Spenmo today!

Online Advertising in Singapore

Online marketing in Singapore combines the science and art of using the Internet to produce advertising campaigns or messages to a specific target audience, group, or demographic. It can help you increase your site’s traffic and your brand’s presence.

Digital marketing in Singapore is centralized on promoting digital marketing campaign material through different online platforms. It may include search engines, digital assets, social media, and other similar channels. Digital media and banner advertising can help you find where your potential customers lurk. Your goal is to persuade them to take action, like making a purchase.

Types of Online Advertising in Singapore

If you’re learning more about digital media advertising, you’ll likely feel overwhelmed. It can be composed of challenging practices and methodologies. It would help if you learned how to tell them apart from the start. Here are some of the common strategies you can use.

Social Media Advertising

It’s obvious. Today’s social media marketing uses different platforms for advertising, selling, and promoting your products and services. You’ll need a compelling digital marketing strategy in Singapore before you can start advertising on these advertising platforms.

You can use a full-fledged campaign, post, user-generated content, or promoted tweet on different channels like Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and more.

Content Marketing

Online content marketing is an excellent method. It entails delivering a brand message in front of the right audience. Your goal is to increase organic traffic by improving your site’s search engine optimization. You can pay for social media ads to appear on authority websites. You can use paid advertisements if you want to increase your content marketing ROI.

Email Marketing

Email marketing affects the results of your digital media marketing campaigns. It allows you to communicate with your audience. You can also use email marketing to turn your cold customers into potential prospects.

Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) will help you increase your site’s visibility online. Unlike Search Engine Optimization (SEO), SEM is more like Pay Per Click (PPC) marketing. You spend money to appear on search engines. With that, you can have the most prominent spot on search results. Your advertising market will have an easier time finding your brand.

Display Advertising

Digital advertising allows you to place ad campaigns on third-party websites. If internet users click on the content links, images, or videos, they’re redirected to your site. It would help if you considered improving user experiences by making an excellent landing page and web design. Otherwise, all of your efforts will go to waste. You can use remarketing or retargeting to achieve your goal.

Mobile Advertising

Smartphones are the new marketing channel. For that reason, digital marketers are using these devices to promote their ad campaigns. Before producing your mobile ads, you should learn about the basics of SMS messaging, push notifications, ads, and mobile apps to prepare you before diving into this kind of digital strategy.

Online advertising

Benefits of Online Advertising

Most people think it’s expensive to work with advertising companies because they only handle large, expensive campaigns for massive brands. However, most companies make their money by managing small ad marketing solutions and placing them locally.

Most companies can help small-scale to large companies. But they can only do that if you know how to best use the company and the social media ads for your e-Commerce business.

You can’t miss the benefits that come with digital media advertising. If you invest in these materials, you can enjoy the following:

Is Accessible 24/7

Does your business open at 8 AM and close at 5 PM? Online marketing services are different from that. It’s available 24/7. Your brand gets mentioned even when you’re sleeping or on vacation. You don’t have to hire new employees to manage the ads manually.

Offers Global Exposure

Today, the Internet doesn’t have boundaries. That means you and your company aren’t confined to your local community. Digital media advertising allows you to reach a global advertising market. Getting exposure is what your company may need.

Measurable Outcomes

Once you’ve launched the campaign materials, you can start monitoring the results. You have advertising and analytic tools to measure shares, clicks, conversion rates, impressions, and more. Gathering this data helps you make informed decisions, improving your overall productivity.

Improve and Optimize

Your campaign materials are always flexible and fluid with online advertising, which means you can implement new plans, test strategies, and modify your ads for maximum outcomes. Your materials can also become highly targeted with AI interventions.

Infinite and Scalable

Digital media marketing services are scalable so you can quickly advance your campaign with a click to reach more people online.

Low-Entry Charges

Now, small-scale companies can also benefit from online advertising for expanding and growing their business. Fortunately, there’s no set minimum for creating and launching online campaign materials. You can always start with as low as $25.

How Digital Marketing Works in Singapore

Online campaigns are the foundation of digital advertising. Most of them utilise the web to evaluate, track, and manage online social media ads. It doesn’t just focus on placing an ad on Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, or other similar channels. If implemented right, it can improve user experiences on your site.

That helps redirect your customers to your site and not your competitors’. You can customise your campaign materials to improve their relevance to the customer, efficiently boosting conversion rates. Bear in mind that hiring one of the independent advertising agencies is your best choice.

But if you work with one, you have to know how much you’re paying them for their efforts. Here’s a guide you can use.

Online Advertising in Singapore
Reach a particular target audience. Online marketing agencies will gather the data for you. Then, they’ll evaluate them, make detailed reports, and provide you with the results that will help you use your resources appropriately to reach your goals. If a specific digital strategy isn’t working for you, they’ll guide you on what changes to make to get the desired result.
Leverage a variety of ad formats. Marketing agencies will also know what plans are suitable for a specific period. In other cases, they’ll focus on advertising on social media platforms or focus their attention on other advertising platforms. Your digital marketing agency will change its digital strategy based on the targets you want to achieve or the situation.
Invest in the specific advertising efforts that drive leads and sales for your business. Hiring an advertising agency to care for your marketing and advertising needs is an important decision. You should hire the one that allows you to focus on the other aspects of your business. You know that they can guide you with the best tactics to expand your business.

If you’re looking for business expense management tips, visit Spenmo today! You can also book a demo with them to know more about our offers.


Virtual Card for SaaS and Paid Marketing Spend. Try Spenmo today!

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Knowing your budget before engaging in social media advertising will help you prevent future problems.

Social Media Advertising

Today’s market can be pretty competitive. You’ll need a suitable advertising company to stay in the competition and give your products the proper visibility. It’d be best to work with an online advertising company to run your marketing strategies efficiently.

Advertising on Facebook

Facebook is home to more than a billion Internet users, allowing you to post an advertisement quickly. You can use this platform to reach your advertising market. You can also set the parameters, ranging from your audience’s age to their location and interests. If you plan on starting an ad campaign, Facebook will be the best option.

Out of all the social media platforms, Facebook ranked the most popular channel among Singaporeans. Statistica reports that Singaporean Facebook users will have reached over 4 million by the end of 2021.

Benefits of Advertising on Facebook

Versatility is what makes Facebook advertising ideal. Other social media platforms have several limitations in the number of characters allowed, while others gear towards a specific style of content. In comparison, Facebook supports all content and post lengths. It also allows a digital marketing agency to post interactive text, images, and videos.

How to Use Facebook

You should spend much of your time targeting the right audience if you want to benefit from Facebook advertising. Facebook is famous for its feature to help you find clients most likely to be interested in your product or service. Make a compelling ad, then narrow down the audience that’s most likely to be interested in the ad.

You can narrow them by household size, age, gender, location, or special interests. Facebook allows advertisers to be particular. For example, you can target an audience interested in dollhouse furniture, buying baby products, or animals. You have the power to choose.

Overall Costs of Facebook Advertising

If you measure the cost by cost per click, it can be around $0.27 CPC. If you measure it by cost per thousand impressions, the average price is about $7.19 CPM. Because of these rates, marketers find it cost-efficient to perform search advertising through Facebook.

Advertising on Twitter

Twitter is another excellent platform you can use for your campaign materials. But the only catch is that there’s a set character limit. You can reach your audience with a few cleverly designed phrases. You can increase the presence of your products and services online, then find images that best connect with it.

Users can use Twitter via multiple devices, so you should use this platform to communicate with others in real-time. Twitter has reached nearly 1.89 million monthly users. In fact, it has become the ideal place for small-scale advertising and marketing campaigns. Twitter has its advantages even if it’s not as popular as Facebook.

Benefits of Twitter Advertising

Twitter allows a digital marketing agency to communicate with its target audience directly. It’s the best platform for two-way communication. Internet users follow particular brands to communicate with the business owner and inform them of what’s exactly on their minds.

If it comes to finding out the interests of your target audience, Twitter is the best way to do that. It’s both a place to listen and communicate with the audience.

How to Use Twitter Advertising

Twitter is ideal when you’re building build deeper connections with your target audience. Internet users are often interested in opinions, updates, and news about your products and services. Thus, make sure you provide them with all the necessary information and deliver it in a way that speaks directly to each customer.

Deal with concerns, ask questions, and give feedback. Listen to your audience. Twitter can also allow you to connect with the industry’s thought leaders, helping you reach an even larger audience if appropriately implemented.

Cost of Twitter Advertising

Marketers have three options for advertising on Twitter: promoted accounts, promoted tweets, or promoted trends. Your promoted tweets can start at as low as %0.50 per engagement, and promoted tweets can cost you up to $200,000 per day.

Advertising on Instagram

Advertising on Instagram

Instagram is gradually becoming popular in Singapore. Today, the number of Singaporean users who use this platform has steadily increased year after year, up to 60% since 2014. Instagram has similar features to Facebook to reach your target audience, so this platform can also be an excellent alternative.

Benefits of Instagram Advertising

Customer engagement is one of the widespread benefits of advertising on Instagram. Based on research, users are almost 60 times more likely to share one Instagram post than a Facebook post.

It also shows Internet users are 120 times more likely to share them than a Twitter post. If you’re interested in drastically increasing your brand’s presence, Instagram is the best choice.

How to Use Instagram

Focusing on brand awareness is one of the best means of maximising the advantages of advertising on Instagram. It’s the platform where a digital marketing agency must leave eye-catching materials and develop the brand’s personality. Because images have huge impressions, it’s best to create images that relay emotional messages.

Your messages should reflect your brand’s values. More importantly, it should reflect the attitude or lifestyle you’re advertising – something users can connect with.

Costs of Instagram Advertising

Using Instagram for your social media ads can start with as low as $0.70 per click.

Advertising On LinkedIn

Now, LinkedIn has reached over 100 million users monthly. By 2020, this platform has reached over 2.7 million Singaporean users and has been growing since then. That can mean that your business can still engage a massive audience.

Benefits of LinkedIn Advertising

Most people see campaign materials as a disturbance. Even if a user is interested in a product or service, certain ads are still seen as disturbing their social media interactions. But with LinkedIn, Internet users expect these kinds of materials.

LinkedIn is made for professionals to boost or promote brand awareness. That makes advertising a little bit easier, which leaves room for creativity.

How to Use LinkedIn

Focus on your targeting strategies to get the most out of LinkedIn. Like Instagram and Facebook, LinkedIn allows you to reach a massive audience. That’s especially true if you’re interested in building connections with people in terms of their interests. It’s the best platform for niches focused on B2B connections.

Costs of LinkedIn Advertising

Using this platform for your campaign materials can range from $2 to $5 per click, and that depends on your click-through rate.

Managing Your Online Advertising Expenses

Managing your online advertising and marketing campaigns is complicated. You can refer to this guide to learn how to organise your expense categories, including online marketing and marketing efforts.

Make sure to visit Spenmo today to book a demo if you want to learn more about our finance guides, especially on online advertising.


Virtual Card for SaaS and Paid Marketing Spend. Try Spenmo today!

Frequently Asked Questions

What are other social media platforms where I can advertise?

  • YouTube

Most marketers ignore the reach of YouTube, but it allows you to connect with a target audience in different ways. YouTube isn’t just a video-sharing platform. It may provide more awareness for your content, but this platform is also a community. Marketers can combine social media and traditional media on this platform.

  • Snapchat

Facebook and Twitter may have incorporated live video technology into their platforms, but Snapchat still has a loyal audience. Before investing in a Snapchat campaign, you should check the number of users present. Now, there has been a huge change in the platform, even if they were previously associated with younger users.

  • Pinterest

Because the majority of Pinterest users are women, this platform offers an excellent chance for targeted campaigns. Usually, this platform is the place where you can save ideas or other things of interest. Pinterest is also known for engagements, but that can be through a to-do list of things to make life more fulfilling.

Is it possible to schedule posts when advertising online?

You can set a schedule for posting social media videos, images, or posts individually or in bulk. You can schedule your campaign materials based on your needs.

How do I get customers engaged with my posts?

Fortunately, there are different ways to increase your engagement with your audience.
  • Measure your engagement
    Gather data and take note of the shares you’re getting on average per post, how many comments your post is getting, your current followers, and other numbers that can be helpful in your advertising efforts. Make sure to regularly track them so that you can catch dips or jumps in engagement. That can give you valuable insights on what kind of advertising effort is working best for you. You can also use social media analytics tools to help you save time in gathering the necessary data.
  • Invest in the right strategy.
    Because your goals differ from another company’s, you should find the option that best fits your needs. Depending on what kind of products you offer and what fits your brand, your social media engagement goals may include:
  • Teaching your audience through advice and resources.
  • Gathering comments or feedback about new products.
  • Developing and generating new customer leads.
  • Getting more awareness from your target audience.

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