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Product Update: A new accounting page for a better bookkeeping experience

Get a closer look at our new accounting page. Use Spenmo to remove manual work and redundancies in your accounting processes.

As an accountant in practice or as part of an internal finance team, you need to be able to close books quickly, maintain compliance obligations, and routinely gather insights to improve business performance.

This latest upgrade to Spenmo's accounting page will help you to more accurately account for company expenses from bills, employee reimbursements, and corporate card charges, enabling you to close your books and generate financial reports in no time.

Take a look at the video below for the latest developments on our accounting page.

What's new?

1) Identify all pending accounting tasks in a single glance

On the Accounting Page from the Spenmo dashboard, you'll find a tab labelled "Incomplete Details". This houses all transactions requiring additional information before they are reconciled or exported to your accounting software.



2) Bulk edit transaction details

Select multiple transactions that require additional information and edit them in bulk.

For example, all transportation expenses without an assigned expense category may be selected and tagged under "transportation."

bulk edit transaction details

3) Track missing receipts and send reminders to employees

Filter according to transactions with missing receipts and send email reminders to employees.

track missing receipts and send reminders to employees



4) Review transaction codes in one place before reconciliation

Before you reconcile employees' accounts, check that they have submitted the correct attachments and information from the "Ready To Review" tab.

Review each transaction code, and then add it to the queue for reconciliation once you are satisfied with its details.

review transaction codes in one place before reconciliation


5) Sync multiple transactions to Xero and track their progress

Never lose track of your transactions once they are in the queue for reconciliation in Xero. View the status of all queued transactions in one place and instantly spot sync errors.

sync multiple transactions to xero


6) Export transactions and bank statements to your preferred accounting software

Not using Xero? Easily export transactions and bank statements into your preferred accounting software.

export transactions and bank statements


A better bookkeeping experience starts today

At Spenmo, we take pride in providing CFO teams with the automation tools they need to remove the manual and redundant work in their finance and accounting processes and, ultimately, help them generate reports faster. By doing so, businesses have the accurate information they need to make sound decisions when they need it the most.

With this latest product upgrade, our goal is to help you achieve maximum visibility and control over your accounting process. If you would like to learn more about how our software could help your team and business, please talk to us for a demo.


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