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8 Essential Business Tips to Manage Online Spending

Shopping online is a convenient way for businesses to buy supplies. However, it can lead to overspending. Read on to learn how to manage online spending.

Shopping online is a convenient way for businesses to buy assets and supplies, especially if multiple items are on the purchase list. However, mismanagement can lead to overspending. This can then put a strain on the company’s finances.

If your business expenses spiral out of control, the amount could be way more than what your funds can afford to pay. 

So, how do you manage online spending? Read on for actionable tips to help you control your online business spending.

1. Create a spending plan

One important step in controlling business expenses is creating a spending plan. It’s easier to identify how much you need to spend if you can refer to a budget. It should highlight the requirements and costs of operating your business.

Creating a budget also makes it more manageable for your business to allocate funds for all the necessary expenses. In addition, it provides flexibility for unexpected costs.

Be sure to set realistic projections when creating a spending plan. Also, review the budget regularly to determine if it’s still applicable to your business’s current financial standing.

2. Set a budget for each spending category

You must determine a specific amount for each spending category when creating a budget. This strategy allows you to easily monitor your business expenses and track profitability. For instance, you can allot $5,000 for yearly online subscriptions, another $5,000 for online banking fees, and so on.

On the contrary, allocating funds under a general item can make it challenging to track your business income and expenditures. Here, you risk syphoning funds off the other categories without you realising it.

3. Schedule your online purchases

Scheduled online purchases can help you avoid unnecessary business spending. Suppose your business is low on cash. It may be a wise strategy to put your purchases on hold until you collect unpaid balances and then use those funds to cover your planned purchases.

You can also time your purchases towards the end of the year when online stores offer multiple discounts for bulk business purchases. This will help you save money while getting the best deals.

4. Stay on top of subscriptions

Subscriptions are “silent spenders.” Hence, it’s crucial to stay on top of them. Unfortunately, some companies unconsciously fail to manage their subscriptions. These services may end up costing them more especially if they incur late payment charges and related miscellaneous fees. 

Stay updated on payment deadlines if your online subscriptions are necessary for your business operations. You could set notifications on your business calendar to remind you of your upcoming dues.

5. When buying, assess if it’s a business need

Ask yourself about the product’s relevance to your business before proceeding with the purchase. Only buy the item if you consider it a must-have for your company. 

Constant evaluation when buying assets and supplies helps ensure you’re allocating funds appropriately. It also decreases the risk of financial mismanagement.

6. Consolidate your online purchases and negotiate a discounted price

Consolidated online purchases can give you access to discounts you may otherwise not qualify for when buying items individually. Leverage those discounts to negotiate a reduced price. By bundling small items across various departments, you could potentially submit fewer purchase orders to vendors or suppliers.

7. Monitor your online business spending

Failure to monitor your business spending may lead to unexpected bills and purchases that can add up over time.

Using an expense management software like Spenmo can help you properly monitor your online business spending. This strategy effectively reduces the chances of overspending and misusing company funds.

8. Cultivate fiscal discipline as a company value

The way your organisation spends can ultimately impact your company culture. Set an example by being modest and only buying necessities to cultivate a healthy financial environment for your business and your employees.

Manage Your Online Business Spending with Spenmo

Knowing how to manage your online business spending can help your company save money, prevent overspending, and reduce the chances of fund misuse. 

Consider using Spenmo to streamline your expense management process. This end-to-end payables software brings internal spend management, corporate cards, automated bill payments, approval workflows, and accounting reconciliation into an integrated view. It also includes a virtual card, which your team can use for online transactions. 

Our vision is to create a seamless payables experience for fast-growing companies. Book a demo today to learn more about the platform!



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