Subscription Management

Hassle-free management of subscriptions

Let Spenmo help you with all your recurring subscriptions.


Smart Virtual Cards

Let Spenmo Virtual Cards ease your monthly and annual subscription payments by allowing you to pay directly through the web browser.

Track Subscription Spending

Each purchase gets its own virtual card, you will always know when a payment is made, by whom, and what your total subscription spending looks like.

One stop expense management

Budget and allocate funds according to teams and employees, get real-time data as employee spends that will flow into your accounting system.

Complete control & visibility

Gain clarity on your operational expenses through Spenmo’s dashboard. Questions like Who, What, When, Where & Why of spend is answered at your fingertips.

Work seamlessly with you finance team

We understand that your finance team needs records of every payment made. But with Spenmo, missing receipts and non-compliant transactions will no longer be your problem.

Effortless Approval

Recurring payments like SaaS fees require managerial approval but with Spenmo, it can be easily tracked and approved through our dashboard.

Solve each of your team's needs

Invoice Management

Digitally process, approve and pay invoices.

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Manage your business payments better today

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