Employee Expense

An easier way to administer and handle your employee expenses

No more employees spending out of their pockets for corporate expenses and claiming them at the end of the month.


Control and visibility over your company’s expenditure

Each employee will receive a physical Spenmo card with a pre-loaded amount. With real-time data of employee spend captured on the dashboard, it makes budgeting and forecasting much easier and also reduces the chances of fraudulent spending.

Your Cloud CFO

Reimbursing your employees at the end of the month is an extremely clunky process. Missing receipts, non-compliant transactions and messy accounting becomes our problem, not yours.

One stop expense management

Budget and allocate funds according to teams and employees, get real-time data as employee spends that will flow into your accounting system.

Spend freely while travelling

Book your travels on our app and spend using our Spenmo card that is accepted in 270 countries around the world.

Complete control & visibility

Gain clarity on your operational expenses through Spenmo’s dashboard. Questions like Who, What, When, Where & Why of spend is answered at your fingertips.

Credit Access

Here at Spenmo, we understand that start-ups have operational constraints. We look to extend a credit line to help you overcome that.

Solve each of your team's needs

Advertising & Marketing

Control your paid marketing budgets with our virtual cards and track spending across all channels with our single dashboard.

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Manage your company spending efficiently

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