Business Travel Spending

Gain visibility on your company’s travel spending

Track and budget your travel expenses across your business through Spenmo and save time & money.


Easy Spending on the Road

Spenmo gives prepaid corporate cards to each employee that lets them spend easily but at the same time within the allocated budget. These cards are used just like normal credit cards, but within the spending limits set by the finance team.

Book Work Trips at a Special Price

Book flights and hotels with Spenmo at discounted rates brought to you by and Kayak.

Work seamlessly with you finance team

We understand that your finance team needs records of every payment made. But with Spenmo, missing receipts and non-compliant transactions will no longer be your problem.

Complete control & visibility

Gain clarity on your operational expenses through Spenmo’s dashboard. Questions like Who, what, when, where, why of spend is answered at your fingertips.

Stay within your spending policy

Travel is one of the top expenses for companies. Have it tracked and budgeted from the time it is booked to actual spending abroad with the help of Spenmo.

One stop expense management

Budget and allocate funds according to teams and employees, get real-time data as employee spends that will flow into your accounting system.

Solve each of your team's needs

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Employee Expense

With Spenmo, your employees simply pay with their dedicated card and snap the receipt with the mobile app for easy reconciliation. Smart, trackable spending - built for finance teams.

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