Advertising & Marketing

Smarter solutions to marketing and advertising spend

Monitor marketing budgets and track expenses using Spenmo virtual cards.


Smart tracking of ad spend

Tracking expenditure for different networks like Facebook or LinkedIn can get really messy. With the use of these smart virtual cards, you’ll be able to consolidate your expenditure and track effectiveness of your ads.

Secure payments

Sharing a physical corporate card increases the risk of fraud as details of the card could get leaked. Our virtual cards create unique payment details for each purchase, and aren’t linked to your bank account.

Spend freely while travelling

Book your travels on our app and spend using our Spenmo card that is accepted in 270 countries around the world.

Complete control & visibility

Gain clarity on your expenses through Spenmo’s dashboard. Questions like Who, What, When, Where, & Why of spend is answered at your fingertips.

Subscription Management

Let Spenmo Virtual Cards ease your subscription payments. You will always know when a payment is made and what your total subscription spending looks like.

Work seamlessly with you finance team

We understand that your finance team needs records of every payment made. But with Spenmo, missing receipts and non-compliant transactions will no longer be your problem.

Solve each of your team's needs

Operational Costs

Handle general expenses with complete control and visibility.

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