Harvest Accounting customers get 2% unlimited cashback* and 50% off a Spenmo subscription for the next 6 months

How it Works

Harvest Accounting is partnering with Spenmo to automate your accounts payable.

Automated Payments

  • Instant local payouts
  • Automated overseas payments at only $1
  • Best mid-market rate for overseas payouts

Smart Expenses

  • Smart corporate cards with spend control
  • Real-time visibility & approvals
  • Paperless claims

Get 2% unlimited cashback* only with Spenmo cards

*offer valid for 6 months after onboarding

Special offers for Harvest Accounting clients



Unlimited cashback on all card spends

Customer Support


Dedicated Account Manager for 1 year

Paperless Claims


Expense claims software

Subscription Fee

50% off

Monthly subscription fee

*Offer valid for the first 6 months

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