Xero Advanced Integration

It takes an average of 210 clicks to upload, pay, and reconcile one bill. Spenmo integrates with Xero to cut processing time by 90%.

Xero Advance Integration

Key Features

  • Automated Bill Uploads

    Upload up to 1000 invoices. Our system automatically extracts the data, reducing errors from manual data entry.

  • Real Time Updates on Your Payment

    Spenmo sends you real time updates on your payment’s status - from created, to paid, and reconciled.

  • Instant Reconciliation

    Spenmo handles both the bill creation and its payment, allowing 100% automatic and accurate reconciliation.

  • All-in-one Solution

    Replace expensive point solutions with a single platform that extracts and uploads bill data, processes employee claims, and automates payments.

How Our Xero Integration Works

Upload your bills in Spenmo

With this, a “Draft Bill” is created in the Xero account, including all category and tax details.

bill is approved and ready for payment

Bill is approved and ready for payment

Status of bill in Xero account will be changed to “Awaiting Payment.”

Transaction complete. Payment has been synced to Xero

Payment is made and automatically reconciled with your bill in Xero.

transaction complete. payment has been synced to Xero

Spenmo’s Advanced Xero Integration cuts the bill recognition to reconciliation process by 90%

vs. using Xero only

Why You Should Switch to Spenmo

Simplify your process, save costs

Reduce manual work by 90%. Save time and cost of processing invoices and subscriptions to multiple apps.

Improve vendor, supplier, and client relationships

Pay billers and inform them of the status of their payment in an instant. Never pay a penalty for late payment again.

Say goodbye to manual invoice uploads and reconciliation

Upload up to 1000 invoices to Spenmo. Once you approve, payment is made and our advanced integration automatically marks the bill as paid within Xero.

Supercharge your finance team with Spenmo