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All your payables in one dashboard

Spenmo is an all-in-one software that consolidates corporate cards, multi-currency dashboards, automated bill pay, employee expense claims, and free payroll disbursements into one sleek interface.



Corporate and Virtual Cards

Issue your employees unlimited physical and virtual credit cards for secure local and international payments.

Bills Payment

Reduce the time it takes to make your payments by 80% in 2 steps. 


Employee Reimbursement

Take advantage of Spenmo’s platform for seamless employee expense claims, which allows you to reimburse claims in 3 easy steps.

Accounting Reconciliation

Spenmo syncs with your existing accounting systems such as Xero Advanced Integration, Quickbooks and more.


What our customers say

"Spenmo offers great visibility to the spending of each team members especially when remote working becomes more prevalent"

"Be it a cash payment or tapping the card, everything is visible on the dashboard. Spenmo has made subscription and procurement payments equally easy"

Spenmo has made paying our marketplace sellers a breeze. It is as easy as sending an email and they take care of the rest. We save time and money to focus on other things."

"Tracking subscriptions and marketing spends had never been more convenient. Spenmo gives you visibility and control over your company expenses at your fingertips."



Spenmo Welcomes Kevin Fitzgerald as Chief Revenue Officer

We’re proud to announce that Spenmo just appointed Kevin Fitzgerald as our first Chief Revenue Officer to strengthen our leadership team.


New Project (7)

Accrual Accounting Method, Explained

Learn about accrual accounting methods, and how they apply to your business. Discover more by visiting us now.


Need clarification?

What is Spenmo?

Spenmo is the go-to payments software for growing businesses. We are an end-to-end payables software that brings internal spend management, corporate cards, automated bill payments, approval workflows, and accounting reconciliation into an integrated view. Companies that use Spenmo save over 50 hours and $10,000 every month.

Who can use Spenmo?

Anyone, but it's especially ideal if you're a startup or SMEs!

How can I create a Spenmo account?

To kickstart your journey with Spenmo, please click the BOOK A DEMO button and fill in the necessary details so our team can reach out to you.