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Getting Started with Xero

Integrating your Spenmo and Xero account will ensure that receipts, invoices and other paperwork are extracted and formatted in the perfect way for your end-to-end financial process.

Integrating the platforms will;

  • sync the Chart of Accounts, accounting transactions between the two softwares.
  • Activate the ‘Sync with Xero’ button, which sends your Spenmo items directly to Xero.

1. Linking Xero and Spenmo

  1. Navigate to the Settings section of the menu.
  2. Click on Integrations.
  3. Click Connect to Xero.
  4. Follow the onscreen instructions to authorise the integration.
  5. The integration is now complete.

xero integration 1

2. Syncing with Xero

Once you’ve transacted on the Spenmo platform, it will be listed in the Transactions page.

You can then sync this transaction to Xero by selecting the checkbox and pressing the ‘Sync with Xero’ button on top of the page.

Items will be published to:

  • Accounting Transactions under Spenmo Bank Account in Xero

*All items will be queued and published at midnight

xero integration 2

Status of Spenmo sync in Xero:

  1. Queued - Items that are in queue to be published to xero soon
  2. Synced - Items that have been pushed to Xero
  3. No status -Pending Items that need to be sync. Select the checkbox and sync.

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