Free Payroll Disbursement

Save time and money with Spenmo’s all-in-one finance platform – corporate cards, multi-currency dashboards, automated bill pay, employee expense claims, and free payroll disbursements. Scale your startup with Spenmo.

How Our Payroll Disbursement Works

Free, Confidential Payroll Payments

Spenmo processes your domestic and international payroll for free. Salaries are confidential and show up in your dashboard as a single lump sum payment.

Confidential Disbursements

Ensure confidentiality of employee salaries.

No more burning on FX charges

Get access to multi-currency dashboards for FX-free spending. Get the best FX rate for your international payroll, at 0% FX rate markup.

Bulk Upload and Automate your Payroll

Bulk upload employee salary in a few clicks, regardless of what bank account they have. Reduce manual data entry and reconciliation by 80%. Automatically sync and reconcile your payroll to your accounting software.

Free payments around the world

Spenmo processes your payroll for free. Let Spenmo handle your payroll, so you can focus on scaling your business.

Fast and Secure Payroll Disbursements

Salaries will be processed efficiently, ensuring employees receive their salaries on time into their bank accounts.
Employee Expense Claims
Take advantage of Spenmo’s expense claim software, which is integrated with PayNow for instant transfers with just one click

Supercharge your finance team with Spenmo