The corporate card for scaling your Startup

Save time and money with Spenmo’s corporate cards, multi-currency dashboards, and automated bill pay.

Corporate Card for SMBs

Key Features

  • Free corporate cards for your team

  • Cashback

    1% Cashback on All Card Spend*

  • Real time purchase notifications

  • Fraud prevention and increased security

  • Seamless accounting sync & reconciliation

  • USD cards and bill pay for USD-funded startups

Get unrestricted 1% cashback for all card spend

Exclusively for startups

Corporate Card
Dedicated Cards

Card limits at your fingertips

Set custom spend limits and merchant locks for each card. Increased control and security with real-time notifications for every purchase. 

Corporate cards for your employees

No more card sharing or running up against card limits. Get dedicated cards for each team member.

Spenmo Cards

No more burning on FX charges

Get access to multi-currency cards for FX-free spending. Get the best FX rate for your international payments, at 0% FX rate markups.

Automate your bill payments

Pay multiple invoices easily in a few clicks. Reduce manual data entry and reconciliation by 80%. Automatically sync and reconcile your bills to your accounting software.


USD card spending

Is your startup funded in USD? Utilise Spenmo’s multi currency cards to top up and pay using USD. Save on fx costs.

Supercharge your finance team with Spenmo